Rabbit Wars

Rabbit Wars 1.0

Battle it out for the last carrot!


  • Awesome graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Multiplayer mode


  • Memory intensive


In the famous words of the song, I often pose the question: "war, what is it good for?" In the case of Rabbit Wars, the answer is "carrots". For this game sees you command troops of bunnies in a quest to wrestle control of the food from your rival rodents.

The game follows the classic turn-based strategy format in which you need to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent in order to choose the right tactics to win. There are lots of moves and weapons at your disposal from tanks and bazooka to hilarious 'Rambo' bunnies that run towards your opponent wielding machine guns.

Graphically, Rabbit Wars is very impressive, with vibrant colors, well-drawn sprites and amazing attention to detail, such as the way tanks make a slight backward motion after unleashing a shot. The backgrounds are great too and there's lots of variety in terms of the kind of terrain you encounter along the way.

The game controls are easy to master and you can more or less play the whole thing using only the directional button, without any fiddly keypad functions to worry about. The turn-based solo mode is good fun, and the computer opponent's AI means that you'll always need to stay on your toes.

Once you've honed your warfare skills you can fight it out with up to three other battles in the excellent multiplayer mode, linking up with pals via Bluetooth, Internet or LAN. Note, this option isn't available in the demo version, unfortunately. It's worth pointing out too that the game is pretty memory intensive and you'll need at least 5Mb for the installation at 8Mb to run rabbit Wars.

You'll never see rabbits in the same light again!

It's time to separate the real rabbits from the bunnies, because on Hare Hill, there's no place for Fluffy and his bunch! In this action-strategy-blasting turn-based war game, you'll be leading an army of "lean mean rabbit machines", who are willing to fight to their last carrot. Your mission is to seek out and destroy all enemy rabbits in your territory and to recapture whatever ground you may have lost !

The only way to insure your victory, is to get to know the strengths, the weaknesses and the fighting skills of your troops. You'll need every dirty tactical trick in the book, to out-smart and out-manoeuvre your enemy. Think fast, strike hard, and don't take prisoners!

Rabbit Wars It's a dirty war, but somebody has to fight it... so get out of your rabbit hole, pick up your carrot and go get them, soldier!

Rabbit Wars


Rabbit Wars 1.0

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